5 Steps to Making an Outfit under 5 Minutes

This school year, I've been forced to create outfits quickly because I always wake up too late (oops) and I don't plan out my outfits the day before (can't believe I had time for that last year) but now I've learned how to make outfits under 5 minutes! I found out it's actually a lot easier to start with a statement piece than to start with the basics. That way, there's a smaller chance of making a bland outfit. So anyway, here's how to make an outfit quickly!
make a cute outfit for school fast


  1. Love this! That's pretty much the exact steps I take to make an outfit. :)

    xo - Sheila

  2. Great advice Joyce! I too usually start with one piece that I want to wear and then match my go to jegging usually :) Makes my day so much easier!

  3. Now if only the things I picked could be put together as well as you put them together, haha! This is such a neat little guide, though. It would make some interesting combinations for sure.

    I've gotta try this though... perhaps if it's cool enough outside for my next outfit? :D No hurt in trying!

  4. This is so easy and simple and perfect and correct.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. That's how I make my outfits! Haha, I pick one bold piece and center the outfit around it :) Your a master at putting together clothes effortlessly Joyce, nice outfit sets and tips!

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  6. such a great idea for a post! i always struggle with quick and easy outfits!

    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  7. that's brilliant, as always. I've said it already but must repeat you ARE the collage master! and how awesome are all the pieces you've chosen to combine here!? I think my favourite outfit is the one with pants and not because of the pants but because of those blue shades. I guess I really love blue :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. great tips joyce! i completely understand, here I am in grad school and still rolling out of bed at the very last second =/

  9. WOW! You make it seem so easy... and... maybe it is! Thanks for the tips!! :D all the outfits look great!

  10. I should remember this when I'm trying to put together outfits! I usually don't have to rush when putting together looks, but then it takes me forever to get it just right. I like these simple styling rules. :) <3


  11. Cute, cute, cute! And super inspiring..


  12. You make it look so easy!!! Gonna try it tomorrow morning and see how long it takes ;)

  13. Hehehe genius Joyce! I like to sleep in too, though I'll plan what I'm going to wear right before bed to avoid morning chaos though I really like this, gonna bookmark for emergencies!


  14. This is a great strategy - I bet it makes your mornings so much easier! I always plan my outfits the night before, but if I didn't, I would absolutely need to do things your way :)

  15. loveeeeee this post!!! you always put the best looks together :)


  16. I really love this post. I think people underestimate how it really doesn't take much time to put together a cute outfit!


  17. What a great post. You are so right. This really works and makes an amazing outfit.

  18. Great tips! :) I never have time in the morning, I always lay out my clothes the night before :)

    Away From the Blue

  19. This is awesome! Thanks for the fantastic tips! I actually used your style to inspire my latest post :) I'm pretty much obsessed with the way you mix prints!

    xo Ashley

  20. Okay, I seriously need to print this out. I have had the roughest time trying to put outfits together lately, it's like I just got to the closet and stand in front of it and stare. And stare some more. This is a great, simple way to maybe break out of that. (Ugh, I so get you with the waking up late, if it's early in the morning, I just want to squeeze in every little bit of sleep that I can.)
    Heh, I know I always adore every outfit you pit together but these are just supper cute, I love the tough boots with the skinnies and the flowy tank in the last set. (And that sleeveless blouse in the first set, ooooh, be still my heart! That is pretty.)

  21. so simple and fun! you always have such great outfits Joyce and I love these ideas. Will definitely be using one of them when I have no idea what to wear haha <3

    Alexa <3

  22. Clever idea for a post. Love it.


  23. Holy crap this is brilliant! I always have this problem before leaving for college - never know what to wear, can't see what everything looks like when it's in my wardrobe, and just end up throwing anything on. I will use this strategy though!

    Thanks for sharing :D

    Emily x


  24. I love that white cardigan, where can i buy it? :)

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