print mixing outfit
So I visited some colleges in LA this past week and now I am sooo excited to start college (even though i'm not even a senior yet....). The campuses are so big and the libraries look like the kind in Harry Potter. And did you know that parts of Legally Blonde were filmed in UCLA and USC? haha campus tours are so fun :) 

forever 21 sweater and top//lily white (nordstrom bp) skirt//gojane loafers
print mixing outfit for schoolprint mixing school outfit
spring outfit
bright shoes tassel loafers


  1. cute collection of patterns happening joyce. love it

  2. Pretty, I love the floral skirt and shiny flat :3

  3. I love this look, and especially your choice of shoes with this!
    Hope your weekend has been good! xx Pip


  4. Those have got to be the cutest loafers EVER. Im just in love with the color and the sweet little tassel. (I know, I know, don't I always gush over your shoes? You have the best shoe collection.) I'm so happy that you had fun visiting the colleges, college really is just so much fun, I loved every single one of my classes, even the math ones. It's so funny to see the difference between high school and college classes , I'm not sure if I just had a lot of really grumpy teachers in high school but when I got to my college classes, it was just a world of difference with the learning and discussion. So awesome, I was always excited about going to class. (Heh, all of this talk makes me want to go back!)

  5. I absolutely love the polka dot sweater paired with your skirt-it looks so lovely!:) And those loafers, oh my goodness they're so adorable!:) Have a wonderful week Joyce! Xx

  6. You are going to be the most stylish girl on campus! Haha, or at least, you'll probably be one of those girls that everyone notices because of her amazing style ;)
    Reading this makes me excited for you - even if you've got a couple years to go. Aha, hurry up and get to college girl!
    The print mixing in this outfit is so amazing. The polka dots, floral skirt, and subtle pop of stripes is perfection. Also, those laofers? Too dang cute!
    Thanks for the encouragement Joyce. My lola is someone special I'll always be looking up to no matter what <3

    Trendy Teal

  7. Beautiful colours! Cute shoes

  8. I love this mix of polka dots and florals. That sweater looks so cozy. I'm going to miss sweaters. It's already 90 degrees here! Yuck! :( And I'm super excited for you to go to college! It's such an amazing experience and one you will remember forever. Campus tours are a ton of fun. Hope you had a nice weekend! <3


  9. I love the pattern mix and you look totally gorgeous!! Wow you mixed florals, poka dots and stripes. That´s so cool and it rocks!!! My favorite look so far :)


  10. Ohh, this outfit looks perfect perfect perfect! Polka dots + Stripes + Gorgeous Flowers, only you could do this so perfectly!


  11. stripes and polka dots together. how awesome! and florals and pink. that's getting even more awesome :P girl, you just know how to put all those wonderful patterns together and totally rock it! haha and I'm glad you're waiting for college. enjoy your years of not working all the time and having those nice vacations every once in awhile. I have been working for pretty much 5 years straight and I think my longest vacation has been 2 weeks and then waiting for the next one for 8-9 months (boo :P). anyway, Estonia and snow just go together. we always have winter for 6-7 months. sucks but it just goes that way. okay, we have had a couple of winters with very little snow as well and I miss those.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  12. Love this outfit so much! All those patterns together are fab! Haha must say I was confused when I saw the title until I noticed your collar :)


  13. love your pattern mixing! so cute!

  14. What an exciting time for you! Oh, to be as stylish as you in high school, you look super cute :)

  15. So cute Joyce! Love the subtle patterns here, wide dots and stripey collar are perfect for the skirt <3

  16. Dude, colleges that resemble Harry Potter scenes are the best!! Haha, I love that you put that in there. :) Parts of my college have really neat architecture--like the art buildings are very New Orleans-esuqe, and some of the Arts and Sciences buildings have huge columns and pointy roofs. It's fun to look at and have a pretty campus!! I wish you luck on your journey as you continue to look at colleges. That's awesome that you like what you've seen so far, though.

    What a cute floral skirt, Joyce! :D And I love that your tassel loafers match it just perfectly.

  17. All these patterns together are sooo cute! I'm excited FOR you to go to college.. wish I could've gone in sunny ol' La La.

  18. So many fun and fabulous prints happening in this outfit. You look SO gorgeous. LOVE that skirt!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  19. What a pretty floral skirt! I love all the pattern mixing! College is seriously THE best, you're going to love it wherever you wind up going. :)

    The Tiny Heart
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  20. love your new layout! Also, the outfit is so cute, such a nice print-mix! :)

  21. This outfit is ADORABLE! I LOVE your use of color and prints!

    Following you now on Bloglovin'.



  22. Polka dots and florals, my absolute favorite! Ohhhhh your visit must have been so fun! Did you do anything memorable when you were out here?



    Southern (California) Belle

  23. I love your pattern mixing - so pretty! And your matching shoes look amazing with this outfit! Beautiful

  24. Ah, so exciting! Have you figured out where you want to apply? By the way, I can't remember, how close are you to LA? I think I remember seeing that you're up north, but if you by any chance find yourself in the area over the summer, we should definitely meet up :)

    Also, you always know how print mix your way into my heart. I love this polka dot sweater and floral skirt together!

  25. Pattern mixing at it's finest. Joyce, you have a serious talent lady. Stealing this idea...again:) Reading this made me really miss my college days and made me feel old!! My college campus was huge and all brick, and I definitely felt like I was chillin at Hogwarts. Honestly, schools that remind you of HP are the very best kind:)

    xo Ashley

  26. I remember walking through all of the pretty campuses I saw, this is such a fun and exciting time for you! I love the cute and preppy-with-a-twist look, all the prints look terrific together! I hope you had a great weekend!
    xo Hannah


  27. Hi Joyce, your beautiful looks bring brightness to my day, loving the chic combination of prints, the skirt is so pretty, Hope you had tones of fun on your campus tour!

  28. Joyce you are legit the cutest! Not even kidding <3 i always love your outfits! you have such fun style. This outfit is so great and i love how you mix prints. Also I am obsessed with your shoes! I really want a pair and I adore the color

    Alexa <3

  29. Love the polka dot and floral combo. You've got the most amazing eye for pairing prints gorgeous. I'd loooooove to go shopping with you one day hehehe


  30. The pattern mixer does it again. Love the polkas with he skirt and cute collar poking from underneath.
    xo Annie

  31. Love how you wore three different prints- stripes, dots and floral- and it does not even look like a print overload! Everything is blended so smoothly and effortlessly!
    Love your berry loafers too!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  32. Ok, I gotta give you props for incorporating 3 patterns so beautifully into your outfit. And then you went and pulled a color from the skirt for your shoes. This outfit is pure perfection.
    I can't wait to hear more about your college visits and which ones you ultimately decide to apply to! I've never visited any on the west coast besides UC Berkeley. I wonder if they're different from the ones here out east :)

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  33. omg i love love love this look!! perfect combo of patterns and prints <3


  34. Damn, you are a pattern-mixing expert. I'm motivated to experiment with patterns more after this! Way too cute, as usual. Keep it up, girl. You have an amazing sense of style.

    May the force be with you.

  35. nice outfit! I really love your skirt and your flats! so cute

  36. Amazing look dear, sooo inspiring!

    Cool blog! Following you on Bloglovin, hope you'll follow mke back!

  37. really love this: stipes and flowes and dots, and youve all this, babe
    so so cool!


  38. You are the queen of pattern mixing...you look SO cute!!

    The Other Side of Gray

  39. Your style is definitely one of the best out there. So beautiful. I adore the perfect pattern mixing and the bright pink shoes.

  40. Joyce, you´re soo cute! Love the combinations of dots and flowers, well done :)

  41. Not gonna lie, totally jealous of the fact that you are so young and only just looking at colleges. Believe me, it's the best time of your life. And how adorable do you look? God, I love that skirt. Retro chic, one of my favorite looks girl!!!

    BTW do you have a fb page? Want to follow each other on that?


  42. I love it your flats and your sweater are really cute!

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  43. THAT SKIRT IS SO CUTE!!! i love

  44. love this skirt and also your blog! It's so nice!!!
    Pass to my blog

  45. I love how you mixed all the patterns :)
    And the strippey shirt is perfect :)


  46. awww you look so cute- i love the combo of the sweater with the florals, SO pretty. and how exciting that you're already looking at colleges! do you know what you want to study yet? college is definitely the most fun time ever :)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  47. I love all the patterns. Do you know what you want to major in?

  48. You're not even a senior yet? For some reason I thought you were. haha you ARE super young :) At first when I read the post title then saw your outfit I was like stripes? where? Haha but they're on your collar! You combined stripes, polka dots AND floral! Such a fun outfit. I love the tassels on your shoes

  49. lovely as always.


    ps. love the updates to the blog!!


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