Pink flowers and pink shoes

stripe skirt outfit
skirt:c/o eshakti (I chose the customized short length skirt)//top:lush (bp)//shoes:forever21//jean jacket:esprt

It's almost spring break! (Well in about a week and a half...) And i'm planning on visiting some colleges in southern California during that time and even though i'm kind of nervous about the whole college application process thing for next school year, i'm also kind of excited about going to college :) 

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stripe skirt and jean jacket outfit
jean jacket stripe skirt outfit
pink flats forever21


  1. You haven't had spring break yet!? Well, at least you've got something to look forward to haha. And oooh, college hunting! Good luck, and yes, be excited :) Its going to be an amazing experience!
    Love the pink tips on these flats and the adorable striped skirt. You belted it perfectly with the top

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  2. Wow haha I don't know where to start with this outfit! The little pop of pink is so cute.... But so is the skirt!!! But then so is the jacket ... And then that belt!!! Love this outfit!!!

  3. Eeee, I love this skirt so much, I need to just bit the bullet and get it. I love how fun and flirty it looks in the shorter length and it is just flat out adorable with the denim jacket! I also really like the soft gray tee with the skirt, aren't gray tee shirts the best? they work with everything, don't get dirty as fast as white tees and they look so effortless. (Hah, so in general, this outfit has all of my favorite things.)
    That's pretty exciting about going to visit some colleges and no worries about being nervous for college, you will. love. it. Seriously, college is great, I enjoyed it so much, I got lucky and had some really fascinating and funny professors and it's just a whole different atmosphere in college classes than it is from high school classes. You'll love it. :) Have fun on your spring break and traveling to the schools.

  4. I love the striped skirt! You styled this outfit perfectly, Joyce! You are going to enjoy college so much! It was the best time of my life:)!

  5. I love love LOVE this outfit Joyce, the skirt paired with your amazing denim jacket is just perfect! You look really pretty :) Xx

  6. love love love those shoes and how you matched them with the flowers in the background!
    and beautiful photos as always, you are so adorable!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  7. You have such a beautiful smile, Joyce! And I love your striped skirt, it's the perfect spring piece... especially with all of those pretty pink flowers in the background :)

  8. These photos are SO pretty! And that skirt is too cute on you :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. Oh dang, girl, your Spring Break is ultra late! I mean ours was only last week, which was still pretty late, but dang! Haha, but man, I hope you have a good time looking at colleges. Don't get too stressed out over it! :) You'll do just lovely, and you'll probably know which one will end up feeling right.

    I really love how you belted your skirt here, and those flats are precious! The pink toe is super cute.

  10. you lucky girl! I mean the spring break! gosh I wish I still had one despite the fact I'm actually a working person, haha. oh well, I guess I just have to wait until June and have my break then (almost 2 months left, yay! :D)
    now, enough of my whining. what a nice outfit that is! I think those wide stripes go really well with blue denim and those flats.. well, I have been liking those for a long time already :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  11. I love this outfit! This is my favorite skirt from eShakti, I totally wish I would have picked it, you look great!!!

  12. I love love love the skirt (I was going to get it from eshakti, too, but by the time I went to order, it was sold out. Boo). And I really like how you styled it. You're rocking my very favorite style - fancy casual as I like to call it :) You know, take something fancy and dress is down a bit. Perfection.

    Have fun looking at schools! College is going to be the best time of your life. I promise :)


  13. I love those flats! Such pretty photos too!

  14. That skirt is so adorable...I love the stripes and the fullness! It will be so fun looking at colleges! Like Kym said, college really is one of the best times of life. I miss it!

    The Tiny Heart

  15. Omg wonderful outfit, I love the skirt ♥ ^^

  16. I have those same shoes and I love them. They look so cute on you. Love your striped skirt!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  17. I so wish I could go back to being in college again! Love how you customized the skirt, and <3 the pink capped flats!
    xo Hannah

  18. I'll never get over how much I love this skirt! It always just seems like the perfect "Joyce" piece :)

  19. I'm seriously in love with this skirt! It looks so wonderful on you and has me pulling out striped skirts from my closet! Good luck visiting some colleges down here. Which ones are you planning on looking at?



    Southern (California) Belle

  20. Cute girl, cute name! My name is joyce too ;)

  21. I love this skirt and love what you did with it,lovely.


  22. Such a cute striped skirt, and I really like the pink of the flowers in the background matching your pink shoes :)

    Away From The Blue

  23. good luck with college school hunting, darling!
    you look really adorable and pretty in this outfit.
    i love your skirt!

    xo, Carla

  24. Loving the stripe skirt and those pretty pink shoes.

  25. You look so pretty! ^^ Cute outfit.. And those flats are totally adorable, I'd love to have pair like those too.

    happy weekend!

    Indie by heart

  26. Such a cute look, I love that skirt and how you paired it with jean jacket.


  27. ok, how cute are you?! love your whole blog! this outfit is precious and I love it. your surroundings are gorgeous as well! Dying over that adorable skirt :) You're a girl after my own heart.

    The House of Shoes

  28. Love the details! Twisted belt, slouchy sweater, hot pink shoes- so perfect!


  29. PERFECT outfit! The stripes and denim are so great together.
    And your college visits will go great :) They're really fun!


  30. you know how to good a good impression

  31. This look is gorgeous. I love the color palette and every looks together!

  32. Oh gosh I LOVE this look, it may be one of my favourites on the blogopshere right now! That skirt + those flats = amazing.

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  33. ur pink flats are the sweetest! love ur jacket <3

  34. That skirt's so cute <3 and love your flats!

    Sabrilett's Armoire

  35. Amazing outfit! So lovely:)


  36. You're always doing perfect combinations. Nice skirt!
    Happy that you liked the hives. My work is done! ahahha

  37. So adorable, I love the flats and the stripes are so springy.
    xo Annie

  38. Such a cute skirt!! But those shoes are just the best, can't believe they're from F21!
    xo Jac

  39. omg this skirt is amazing! I can't believe it was from eshakti. I wish I had seen it or I would've gotten this instead. It's perfect on you and I LOVE the shoes.

  40. I really love your outfits! I'm now following you. Would you like to follow me back?

    xx Marije


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