straw fedora outfit with print mixing
dress: c/o sugarlips//top: banana republic//hat:forever21//shoes:payless//cuff: won from giveaway

So the IFB project this week is all about defining your own style and I thought to myself that it shouldn't be too hard but now that I had to actually put it into words, it's actually kind of difficult! But after scrolling through some of my old outfits, I think my style is mostly girly (I try to be edgy but it ends up girly anyway like in this post and this one) and casual (for school). And i'm pretty sure this doesn't count as a "style" but I tend to mix prints (especially stripes, like in this outfit!) A LOT. So I guess my style could be defined as girlycasualenoughforschoolprintmixing. It's a new word ;)

What's your style?

print mixing outfit for school
cute outfit for spring
straw fedora outfit


  1. Hi joy! how are u? it's been a while! I like the prints mixing together!

  2. Love the stripes and floral together. Super cute! :)

    xo - Sheila

  3. lovely skirt, it's too cold here for that...

  4. You have wonderful style Joyce! You mix prints and textures flawlessly and your shoe collection is beyond amazing. It also helps that you're one of the sweetest bloggers I follow ♥



    Southern (California) Belle

  5. This is sooo cute!! I love that girly little dress and of course I'm always a sucker for print mixing. :) I don't know if I could define my style. It varies so much from season to season. I can definitely say that I am very girly. I hardly ever wear sporty looks or very masculine looks. Hope you had a great weekend too! <3


  6. I think your style is very laidback! Love your shoes here.

    7% Solution​

  7. I just really like your adorably style Joyce - and yes, you are a master at print mixing! Haha I love how your outfits are always so stylish but perfectly appropriate for school.
    I've had such a hard time trying to define my style - it honestly depends on my mood and the weather! As of late though, its more of a rocker boho sort of style.
    Lovely floral and stripes mix <3 That skirt is so pretty!

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    Trendy Teal

  8. This skirt is so pretty! I absolutely love those colors. And great print mixing too!



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  10. what I always like about your outfits a lot is the pattern mixing and your shoes/boots. and actually the fact that your outfits are always simple but at the same time totally unique. describing my style is a tough task though.. my style can include pretty much anything! (no Uggs, sweatpants, jumpsuits (maybe something else too) though). yeah, I can't actually define my style because it depends on my mood and the fact what's going on inside my head.. and those are some tricky aspects, haha.
    anyway, you asked about my vacation. I'm pretty sure we are not going far from Estonia during the first one (I have two planned vacations this year) but we have talked about Finland (Helsinki) and Latvia and our biggest island Saaremaa too. we'll see though. 2 and a half months is a long time :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  11. This is great print mixing. Well-played Madamoiselle!

  12. Hi babe! I just published a post featuring my new Oasap dress… let me know what do you think about it!

  13. The striped and floral print mix is so stylish. So pretty <3



  14. What a cute Spring outfit! Love the stripes and floral, and that hat is awesome :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  15. I love mixing prints!!
    Great outfit! :)

  16. Yup, you are definitely great at being casual and print-mixy, hehe. I think you described your style just perfectly! Your hat is so cute, and I must say that I really adore that first shot with your hat being held like that. I always appreciate a good accessory shot, Miss Joyce! :D <3

    Man... I don't know what my style is considered. I feel like sometimes I wear really edgy things, but then I also wear things that are pretty vintage housewife-y looking, so who the heck really knows?

  17. I am seeing the stripes/floral mixing everywhere lately! So cute!

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  18. I think trying to define one's style is crazy hard. I can't really put a finger on mine, but I think girly is a good desertion for myself, like it is for you. I love this pattern mixing, you look super pretty!

  19. I have such a similar outfit post up today -we are twins! :)

  20. I love your style! You're so creative! Also, just thought I'd say, I saw your comment on Ginny's blog regarding my video and I wanted to say thank you for your kind words :) God is good!

  21. wow that looks exactly like the outfit i posted a few posts back on my blog! great minds! =)

  22. cute as ever! Those shoes are a great neutral sandal.


  23. I think that is definitely a real word and it describes your style perfectly! haha I love the way you mix prints, I'm wearing a striped shirt with a polka dot skirt today and I totally thought of you. I love the skirt of this dress here!

  24. Perfect definition! Love this outfit, so springy. And your pattern mixing is the best.
    xo Annie

  25. This is such a cute Spring outfit:)! I love everything about it from the pattern mix to the fedora and adorable heels! You look so beautiful girl! Thank you so much for following my blog! I'm following back:)!

  26. Hey! Just came across your blog and it rocks! I really enjoy reading it!

    Would you like to follow each other on our social media ? :)



  27. I am really loving the colors in the skirt and the cut! It is like a more low key version of structured peplum! You are the master at mixing with stripes and different prints and they always look like they're supposed to go together on you!
    Hope you're having a great day!
    xo Hannah

  28. ugh i seriously need to invest in more striped tops! -- one can never have too many & they really look flawless with everything. love your hat & how you style this one :D
    xx Corinne

  29. OMG, another fabulous pattern mixing! The floral skirt/dress is so incredibly pretty Joyce!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  30. Its perfect, you nailed it. I think mixing prints its your trademark!

    about ifb... did the forum dissapeared??? or is it just me?

  31. Oh sweetie your always are the little princess with a cute outfit.
    Really lovelyoutfit, cute skirt.
    And georgeus shoes.


  32. Hahaha I know what you mean, trying to define it in words is probably the most difficult but I do like the take on create new words to describe it. Mine would be bohemiancasualrockandroller


  33. Joyce, you look absolutely stunning. One of my favorite outfits from you! This is so charming, yet casual. I can't believe those shoes are from Payless. Someone should learn from you how to stay chic under budget.

    I was thinking about your question the other day too, and to be honest, I could never define my style. I feel like my outfits should have a hint of romanticism, but it also depends on my mood. Some days I feel like I should be edgy. Some days I want to be boho. I think I'm still discovering. It's not black and white because personal style is always evolving!

    P.S. are you on fb or instagram?


  34. I always feel like the word I use to describe your style is effortless cool, you do have a very girly edge but it never feels forced or too "froo-froo," it's very relaxed and natural looking. (That sounds silly, but your outfits are always very cohesive and you keep to a very similar look in your outfits even though you play a lot with patterns, textures and colors, so I think you have a very defined sense of what you like to wear and what your style is.) One thing I love so much about your style is your shoe choices! They always look amazing with your outfits but they're always an unexpected color or pattern or what-not, it makes your outfits very exciting and never stale.
    Ah, I'm sorry, that was a lot of rambling that didn't make very much sense. I'll just say that I really like your style and you seem to really know what you like to wear, I've never seen you in an outfit that doesn't look like "you." You seem to really stay true to yourself.

  35. You look incredible as usual. I think you mix prints better than anyone I know and these shoes are such a nice touch.


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