Fall Leaves

One week from now and I'll be home!! I have three finals this week and I'm really glad they are all very spaced out; I have one on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which means I'll have one day in between each to study like crazy haha. I'm also going to another concert (this time for Dillon Francis) on Friday after my last final as a way to celebrate so I'm super excited for that :)

dress: forever 21//hat: forever21//shoes: charlotte russe//socks: macy's//denim jacket: forever21



It's the start of dead week and I'm very excited! I'll be studying a lot but I'm going to a concert in San francisco on Friday :) 



Hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving! I came home for Thanksgiving and it was so nice seeing my family and friends from high school again :) haha it was also nice to be able to drive again. The very first thing I did when I got home was drive around my neighborhood in a circle, haha.

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