skater skirt outfit for school
 A few days after I came back from Seattle, I went to orientation for college! I was so nervous the days leading up to it because I'm really shy and I thought I would have a hard time putting myself out there, but I was actually able to make a lot of new friends. After the first 30 minutes of being there and talking to people, the fear just went away and now I'm even more excited to start school. (Ahhh move-in day is in a month!)

And Happy National Ice Cream Day! Hahahah I didn't eat any ice cream today, but I did eat ice cream three times yesterday (oops....) So I guess I celebrated national ice cream day eve!

tee, skirt: forever21//necklace:aeo//shoes:target
skater skirt outfit for school
skater skirt outfit for school
skater skirt outfit for school



 Over the July 4th weekend, my friend Elly and I went to Seattle for fun. We were originally going to go with two other friends but they couldn't go last minute :( Anyway, Elly and I arrived in Seattle late morning so we decided to grab an early lunch. We went to Beecher's for mac n' cheese and it was super delicious. Afterward, we visited Pike's Place and Seattle Aquarium :)

My camera actually broke on the second day so some of these photos are taken by Elly and some by me on an iphone! On the second day, we went to the Space Needle, EMP museum, and Pike Place again, hahaha. There are just too many good places to eat there!
^^Freshly made doughnuts! I couldn't help but eat half a dozen of these immediately after I bought them hhaha.


July 4th

Happy Fourth of July! I'm heading to Seattle tomorrow morning for the weekend so I'm super excited :) I made a long list of restaraunts/food that I want to try there and I can't wait!

jeans, top, scarf: aeo//shoes: charlotte russe

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