New dormmate

My roommate and I got a fish (a betta fish) over the weekend! We visited the local vivarium where we saw all different kinds of reptiles and amphibians but we ended up getting a fish even though we really wanted a frog. I haven't had a pet since I had guinea pigs in elementary school so this is pretty exciting for me, hahahah.

top: forever21//shorts:hollister//sandals:target

Some pictures of Coconut:



I found somewhere to take photos!! I had to take pictures really quick though since I wasn't sure if someone was going to come outside and tell me that I'm not allowed to be there, hahahah. And this skirt! I got it at urban outfitters a few days after move in day. I love how there's an urban outfitters so close to campus. Sometimes I go there in between classes (shhhhh.....)

skirt and jacket: urban outfitters//sandals: target



This is my last scheduled post! So after this, all the photos will be from Berkeley :) I actually still have not found a place to take outfit pictures but hopefully I will get a chance to take photos soon. School is getting busier but at least the weekends have been really fun. Yesterday I watched Boyhood with my some of my floormates and it was so good. Have you seen the movie yet?

top: aeo//skirt: demasque//sandals: target//necklace: ebay

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