Two Winter to Spring Outfits!

Hello! Today I'm collaborating with Katie from the Style Duckling featuring two winter to spring outfits! Some spring days can still be kind of chilly so I tend to wear long sleeve tees and swap out winter boots for loafers/flats. I also added a floral hair bow for that extra spring effect :P

shoes and top: forever21//jeans:st. blue



casual outfit for school, white converse
Yesterday I (finally) watched the Pretty Little Liars season finale and How I Met Your Mother finale after not watching any episodes since December. And now I understand why everyone was so shocked on facebook on Monday, haha. Seriously though, this is what my mind was like after watching HIMYM: adfjkalds;jfal;dkjl;

forever 21 dress//urban outfitters jacket//converse shoes
casual outfit for school, white converse
casual outfit for school with white converse



So I was trying to think of what I did this week but honestly I've just been thinking about college a lot...oops.. But anyway, I've received the last of the decisions this weekend so now it's time to choose (so excited for this)!

skirt: nordstrom bp//top: fhl style//flats: forever21

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