Black + White

I went to my first football game ever on Saturday! It was fun even though I only stayed for one quarter since I had to go back and do homework, haha. I also saw the movie, Gone Girl, today which was soooooo good. 

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On Friday, my friends and I kinda went to a Lorde concert! Lorde was here for Thursday and Friday night at the Greek theater and since the concert was outdoors, even though none of us had tickets, we were able to hear (but not see) her. 

And ahhh gosh I really want to find a different place to take photos since there are so many cars here, hahaha. Hmmmm...

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New dormmate

My roommate and I got a fish (a betta fish) over the weekend! We visited the local vivarium where we saw all different kinds of reptiles and amphibians but we ended up getting a fish even though we really wanted a frog. I haven't had a pet since I had guinea pigs in elementary school so this is pretty exciting for me, hahahah.

top: forever21//shorts:hollister//sandals:target

Some pictures of Coconut:

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