This is my last scheduled post! So after this, all the photos will be from Berkeley :) I actually still have not found a place to take outfit pictures but hopefully I will get a chance to take photos soon. School is getting busier but at least the weekends have been really fun. Yesterday I watched Boyhood with my some of my floormates and it was so good. Have you seen the movie yet?

top: aeo//skirt: demasque//sandals: target//necklace: ebay


the sweatshirt dress

I have some photos stored up from before I left home just in case I don't have time to go take outfit pictures while all the welcome week things are happening! College has been super fun so far but I think I need to get the hang of studying and keeping up with my reading. I'm always too tempted to go hang out with people instead of doing school work, haha. 

dress: ny & company//necklace: c/o fifth and mae//shoes: dolce vita//shirt: bdg via urban outfitters


Carmel Part 2

outfits for school, denim shorts outfit
Here's what I wore to Carmel on the second day! This is also what I'm going to wear to move-in (which is in a couple a hours!) though I might switch out the sandals for converse, haha. I couldn't really sleep last night because I was so nervous/excited for today. I'll probably update later on instagram when I get there :) Ahhhh I better go finish up packing a few things! 

top: forever21//shorts: ae//shoes: target//sunglasses: nordstrom bp
outfits for school, denim shorts outfit
outfits for school, denim shorts outfit

Saw dolphins from the beach! 

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