Lately I've been wearing a lot of comfy outfits that are really simple! I did wear some sequins for New Year's Eve though, haha :) 

tee and jeans: aeo//shoes: converse//sunglasses: nordstrom bp

P.S. since some of you guys asked, I went to POPNYE for New Year's! Here's a photo from the Skills Events facebook page. I'm standing somewhere near all the confetti and streamers hahaha.


  1. I love a good simple outfit, especially in the summer and while on vacation!!

  2. You are a babe, end of story! This simple look is great. I hope you are having a fabulous break and soaking up all the California goodness! That NYE concert looks incredible!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  3. Duuuuude, that concert looks FANTASTIC! Eeeee!
    Haha, and comfy and cute outfits are my absolute favorite right now. Great fitting jeans, I'll have to stalk AEO for some new pairs :)

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  4. You make simple look so CUTE! Those jeans are absolutely lovely on ya.

  5. Loving these high-waisted jeans - so chic!

  6. you rock the simplistic look joyce. I hope you had a lovely new year and christmas. xx

  7. Looks like you had a very fun time welcoming in the new year! :) Happy new year! :)

    I often find the simple, every day outfits are the best, they are the most comfortable and relaxed :)

    Away From The Blue
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  8. Both the top and pant looks simply superbbbb...........
    Jaslynn, Ecbilla

  9. I love this simple look, Ive been feeling the same! Happy New Year to you! :)
    xo Hannah

  10. You look so gorgeous, Joyce! You can rock any outfit :) Seems like you had a funtastic NYE!! I hope 2015 will be better than 2014 for all of us! How's school? Hope you're doing well and have a great weekend!

    Chic Nikkie

  11. You blog is so cute!!! I just discovered it and followed you on bloglovin so I can stay updated on your
    new posts! :) I'm Ally, hope we can be friends! <3
    -Ally Gong

  12. love this! taking it back to basics

  13. Love this outfit . Your outfit photos actually make me feel joyful, strangely enough


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