Skirt Weather

I'm back home and break has officially started! I feel so free now that finals are over hahaha. I think I want to start a new tv series since I didn't watch any during the semester. Any recommendations? :)

sweater and boots: aeo//skirt: urban outfitters//socks: taiwan


  1. Cute look! It has a bit of a 90s grunge look! Happy holidays!

  2. love this outfit! one of the first things i did after finishing my exams was catch up on tv. my brain was too fried to do anything else haha! i'd recommend watching 'how to get away with murder' if you're looking for a new show! it just started airing in the fall and it's AMAZING. every episode blows my mind. my friends and i are HOOKED! hope you enjoy your break! :)

  3. wow, such an amazing weather! looks like spring or summer :) by the way, my favourite thing about this outfit is the combo of your skirt and studded booties. those silver studs go so well with the pattern on your skirt!

    Part of me

  4. Such a cute outfit! I'm jealous of your weather! As for series recommendations, definitely try How to Get Away with Murder! SO GOOD! :)

  5. Have a very merry holiday! Love this look. So beautiful!

  6. Ugh, skirt weather? I wish I lived in Cali...haha!
    Love your maroon sweater and the studded boots <3

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!
    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. If you haven't watched Orange is the New Black, I love that. And now I'm watching Arrow, which is full of hunky men hahahaha. ;) Glad you have some time off!

  8. You look so cute in it... I love that color and the skirt look so pretty...Jaslynn, Ecbilla


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