On Friday, my friends and I kinda went to a Lorde concert! Lorde was here for Thursday and Friday night at the Greek theater and since the concert was outdoors, even though none of us had tickets, we were able to hear (but not see) her. 

And ahhh gosh I really want to find a different place to take photos since there are so many cars here, hahaha. Hmmmm...

tee and necklace: forever21//skirt:urban outfitters//sandals: target


  1. Your lace skirt is so darling! Love the combination with the camo shirt!

  2. Lovely outfit Joyce! That skirt is so pretty:) X


  3. What a great look, girl! I love the combo of the urban shirt and the girly lace skirt in white. You look wonderful! Thanks for your lovely comment, xoxo

  4. So jealous about that concert! I love Lorde! Cute look!

  5. Love the lace and camo combination. Lorde concerts? It sounds like you're having plenty of fun at college already :)

  6. Ahhh, you saw (er, heard) Lorde?? How was she? She's an artist I really like, so I would've loved to have gone to her concert.
    Anyway, love the mix of a tough camo print with the soft crochet skirt <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. Great outfit! So cute. Love the tied up shirt.
    And how cool that you got to hear her live without having to pay for tickets!

  8. Gorgeous! You look phenomenal and I love the addition of this stellar skirt. Perfection.

  9. I feel like you made the best possible result of that situation! I'm sure it was still fun to hang out and hear the show. I would love to see Lorde in concert!

    Hope you're enjoying school so far! Your college outfits are knocking it out of the park. You've gotta be one of the cutest girls in camo I've seen! The combo of camo + lace is perfect.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  10. Oooh a Lorde concert! That sounds absolutely amazing. That's so wonderful that you were still able to hear her though--especially since you were able to hang with your friends.

  11. Oooh how amazing! I wonder what she'd be like in concert? F***ing amazing I bet. Loving this look and loving the backdrop, even if there's a few cars here and there :op


  12. Lace and camo is a cool combination. Lorde is fantastic. She was at my state fair and I didn't get a chance to see her.

  13. oh I love that skirt! looks super cute and nicely contrasty next to the camo tee.

    Part of me


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