Recently... (Week 2)

1. Heat wave = Wearing a dress everyday

2. Eating popcorn while doing summer homework makes homework a little less terrible. And I just realized that this is the last summer that I have to do summer homework for high school! :D 

3. Starbucks works too. And I just started my internship and my class (at a local community college) so I've been doing my work/studying at Starbucks a lot recently :) It's so much easier to focus there than at home! Where are your favorite places to study?

4. I'm going to SF again next week! 


  1. Ooo that first outfit looks super pretty and comfy! I love popcorn, it's probably my favorite snack food ever! And yay for SF!! Can't wait to see pics!

  2. Cute post, love the photos. That dress is gorgeous!!!! :)

    xx Emma

  3. Popcorn never dies Joyce it could be a great snack :)) SF sounds interesting !!

  4. Joyce, I want to just wear dresses all of the time too! Your dress is so cute and love the pics! xx Pip

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  5. OOOO joyce I'd love to know what your internship is!!! also what class are you taking? Wow you are staying productive! :)

  6. Love the cardigan - it's such a lovely colour :)

    L U A R


  7. Love that floral look, the internship sounds interesting, all the best with it sweety!
    I could only study somewhere thats completely silent, I would get too distracted by all the people and noises any where else.

  8. Oooh, that first photo...how do you not have an Instagram, Missy?? Haha, you should get one ;)
    I love going to Starbucks to just relax and unwind. However, I actually do most of my studying at the library or Barnes & Noble. Something about being surrounded by books I guess

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  9. aw cute photos, that dress pattern is so awesome, perfect summer garb!

    -Tara x


  10. Heat wave, ack! Stay nice and cool, Joyce! Down lots of iced tea and cold, cold water. At least you've got plenty of cute dresses to get you through the warmth!

    Starbucks is awesome for relaxing, studying, and unwinding. I would love to visit you one day there and hang out (er, I mean, study!!) with you. ;) Another place I love to unwind is Jason's, because mmm food makes me work much better, but you all know that... hehehe.

  11. must agree when it comes to wearing dresses pretty much every day.. I mean I wear them to work usually because it's the easiest thing to pick a dress instead of several other pieces ;) and my mornings are rather hasty too, if you know what I mean, hehe.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  12. That is such a cute dress!!! It goes really well with your cardigan too :)

    Starbucks is great for sipping a cool or hot drink while studying (or reading in my case). I never did homework there but every time I go I see students with their books all over the table and looking deeply concentrated!

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