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school outfit,black cotton maxi skirt outfit

It's another necklace from Fifth+Mae and it's a branch necklace! I don't usually wear small necklaces but I love this one too much :)

This week, i'm at the zoo everyday as a camp counselor (the dinosaur camp to be exact) and even though all the kids are 4 to 6 years old, they know waaaaay more about dinosaurs than I do, haha. I guess it's because I never went through the dinosaur phase; I went through the Titanic phase instead. I wanted to read every book I could find about it and on my birthday, I got this huge Titanic encyclopedia with all the facts about the ship. What phase did you go through as a kid?

necklace:Fifth+Mae//top:fhl style//maxi: demasque//gladiator sandals:MIA
school outfit,black cotton maxi skirt outfit
school outfit,black cotton maxi skirt outfit
branch necklace outfit


  1. yes, that delicate branch necklace is lovely and unique.
    i bet you'll learn A LOT about dinosaurs from your kids. great maxi skirt too...

  2. I love your maxi skirt, and it looks stunning paired with the denim shirt! You look lovely as always Joyce :) Xx

  3. Oooh, love that delicate tree branch necklace!
    Also, maxi skirt is always a pretty summer piece to whip out :)
    Haha, and oh man, those smart little kids. I never went through a dinosaur phase. Instead, I was into dogs. I knew every single breed and could name one on the spot!

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  4. well, I don't remember any phases, to be honest.. though I do remember I liked Barbie dolls and toy cars, haha. so nothing special actually. but your necklace sure is unique and adds this special touch to the whole ensemble. gosh and maxi skirts are everywhere these days! it's insane how "in" they are!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. Such a cute little necklace! :)

    Really like your maxi skirt too :)

    Away From Blue

  6. I went through a dolphin phase but I swear it must be that generation because all the kids are into dino's lately! Anyhoo looooooving this look. Denim and sleek black maxi's need to be paired together more often!


  7. Hi Joyce, working at the zoo sounds so fun! I like the chic simplicity of this outfit, the skirt looks great on you. I had a huge craze for Brit Pop bands when I was younger.

  8. Love how you styled the maxi! When I was younger I worked as a camp counselor too for many summers...I'd always come home exhausted. The kids really wear you out!

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  9. wow this outfit looks great on you, Joyce! also, love your necklace, so cute!
    I went through both those phases! Even today I still love dinossaurs but (what a coincidence!) I also love everything Titanic related (I just recently read a book about it, it may interest you!), both topics are so fascinating!
    Ester from Drawing Dreaming

  10. I went through the bug and rock phase as a kid! Whenever we checked out books for the week, I always went to check out the ones about Rocks and Minerals and all sorts of insects--butterflies were my favorites because they started off as caterpillars. That's so cute that you had a Titanic phase. How interesting and absorbed in things we are as children! :D haha, I never had a dinosaur phase, either, but I like learning about them. And I totally bought some dino earrings the other week because Stegosauruses look cool...

    I'm getting off topic!

    Hehe, I hope you have fun being a zoo counseler, though. Sounds like a busy little job you'll have, but I bet you'll like it tons. :D I adoooore that top so much! Especially with the black maxi skirt, I feel like that's so unexpected of a combination but I really like it together. In fact, you may have just inspired my next outfit.... wahahha

  11. Oh gosh, that's it! My next purchase has got to be a black maxi! I love the way they look but have always been hesitant because I'm so short, and always feel like I'm tripping over long skirts! This is such a great, summer-casual look!

    I worked as a camp counselor for three summers and while it's definitely tiring...4 to 6 year olds are so entertaining! I have an entire page in my journal of quotes I collected one summer that can still make me laugh!

    As for your Titanic phase...ditto. I just loved history in general (snobby as that sounds) but went through phases about princesses, countries, you name it. APUSH was my favorite class of all time, guess my younger days could have indicated that :)

    perfectly priya

  12. I love the sandals with the different colored straps? I think? I can't see it's blurry but they look lovely :)

  13. That branch necklace is so cute! Sometimes dainty necklaces look so clean with an outfit. I totally went through a Titanic phase too! I had posters, books, and pictures on my wall. I was obsessed. At the thrift store the other day I saw a Titanic replica teapot and it said "Teatannic". LOL. :)


  14. Really liking the necklace :) I went through a panda phase for sure. I drew them, did projects on them, read books on them... but surprisingly I never got a panda plushie!


  15. Great maxi! I have a similar one and it's so comfy but hard to find things to wear with it. I love this look on you!

    Exploring My Style

  16. I totally went through a Marie Antoinette phase and a Japanese foot binding phase, where I was fascinated by both subjects and read everything I could about them. Yeah, it's a little demented.
    Anyway, that's a great summer outfit. I love its simplicity; summer is no place for lots of layers!
    Have fun being a counselor!! I did it when I was around your age and again when I was 21. It was such a fun experience!
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  17. So stinkin cute! The tie top really defines your waist with a maxi skirt - love the proportions and overall look!


  18. Amazing outfit! So pretty:)


  19. Beautiful look. I love the blue and black combo and the delicate branch necklace is too cute. Totally want one too. I can tell you I have no clue about dinosaurs but you can ask me anything about Harry Potter ;-)

    xx Mira


  20. How fun! Little kids are are a hoot. Love your necklace, it is so pretty.

  21. Great look ;)


  22. Such a cute look! I love how dainty that necklace is :-)
    xo jac

  23. Minimal and clean!!! Love the outfit!


  24. so funny, they'd know more than me about dinos as well. that sounds so fun working w/ them for the summer though!! my phase was cats... like books and books on the diff types of house cats and then all the types of wildcats from tigers to bobcats. not surprising though if you see my blog now. anyway, you look gorgeous in this maxi skirt!!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda


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