Hmm so last week I said I was maybe going to Hawaii next summer but now i'm thinking of possibly going somewhere else.  I've never been to the east coast before so maybe i'll go there! There are just so many places I want to go and I cannot make up my mind. I was also looking on pinterest in the travel section (so addicting!) for places to go and it just made me want to go to even more places haha. And I LOVE airports. Probably more than shoes. Seriously. Me and airports/traveling is like Sheldon and trains (Big Bang Theory!). Anyway, do you have any suggestions on cities I should visit? :D

And I think I might also have to go on a shopping ban again to save up for this trip. But hopefully this second shopping ban won't be as hard as the first :)

necklace: from my friend, Elly!//top and jeans:forever21//shoes:stevemadden


  1. This outfit is gorgeous! I love the flares on you! Paired with the peplum, they look so chic! I've never been anywhere on the East Coast either, but have always wanted to do the typical DC or NY trip. Figure out what you want out of the trip (beach vacay/adventure/tours/shopping) and tailor it to that. Oh, and have fun! It's so exciting planning a trip!

    xo Ashley

  2. Hi Joyce! Thanks for entering my giveaway and I am obsessed with your jeans and love how you styled this top! Your necklace is also super cute! Have a good night dear! xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip

  3. 1) your necklace is adorable
    2) your flared top is very sweet
    3) come to Hanoi, Vietam!!

  4. This outfit is so clean but the silhouette it gives you is amazing. If you haven't been to NYC, you should give it a go!



  5. That necklace is sooo pretty! I love how it makes such a statement! :) It's so fun deciding on where to go. I definitely want to explore the US before I start going to other countries. There's just so much to see in our own! What are you into? Do you like more outdoorsy stuff, or are you cool going to museums? Do you want to go to the beach or be in a huge city or a smaller town? I think figuring out what you want to see and do can help you narrow down where you want to go. If you want to go to Portland, Oregon, you can come visit me! :) For me personally though, I've always wanted to go to Boston and see all the historical sites and buildings. The east coast is actually beautiful in the fall because of all the trees. I've been to Louisiana too and I just told my husband today that I want to go to the south again. It's so different than California and the plantation houses are AMAZING!! I think anywhere you go though will be an adventure. Keep us updated with what you decide! :) <3


  6. You go to Hawai girl! If not, then come to Europe, Prague for example (and no, I'm not from Prague, I just love that city :-))
    Lovely necklace.

  7. too bad I can't see the shoes (I'm sure they're worth seeing ;)
    anyway, I think this look is pretty different from your previous ones.. a bit retro even and I really like it. I'm in love with the combo of your white peplum top and gorgeous statement necklace.
    oh and how exciting that you get to travel somewhere! I hope I can too :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. ps. as already mentioned in a previous comment, Prague indeed is worth discovering if you can! you can check out my Prague posts (I have a special label/tag for those in my blog) if you're interested (I was there last spring :)

  8. Hey Joyce, thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your style, that peplum is adorable :) Now following you!

    xo, Ainslee


  9. Haha I'm with Sheldon on this one!!! Well if I were you I would go to Hawaii. Joyce you look amazing. The perfect look for you. Love the classy peplum top and the flared jeans. They make you look so tall and beautiful. I have to find my flared jeans somewhere in the depth of my closet too :D


  10. Amazing top, it suits you so well. I love the statement necklace.

  11. Beautiful Outfit dear..
    Your necklaces so unique, that is DIY??

    Kisses from Indonesia

  12. I love Hawaii and actually got married there, so I'd love tO go back. Love the peplum top and such a fun necklace!

  13. Hey you look great, being daring with the flares! Very cute blog. Following on Bloglovin!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  14. You look SO pretty! Those jeans are fabulous on you and make you look SO tall, and I love the peplum top with them :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  15. You are image of poise and grace Joyce, you look so elegant, adore this look from head to toe!

  16. Thank you! I really like your outfit, your legs look a mile long! :)

    xx Marije

  17. I have that same F21 peplum top but in black. :) Your legs look amazing in those jeans! If you want to visit the East coast then you have to go to NY!

    The Tiny Heart
    Bracelet Giveaway!

  18. An East Coast visit sounds fun!

    This is a nice, simplistic, outfit.

  19. Hey,
    sweet look. I love this necklace!


  20. I never would've thought to pair flared jeans with a peplum top, but it works! I love this casual yet chic look Joyce. Such a cute statement necklace too.
    Aw man, traveling is such an intoxicating idea to plan, huh? I'm still voting for Hawaii (just because the tropical vibe is what I lean towards), but it all depends on your budget and what you'd prefer :)

    Trendy Teal

  21. Go to NY! I love that city SO much! Haha
    Sheldon and trains so funny :P and I love
    airports as well!! I don't know why, but
    I love the atmosphere of traveling people
    and shopping taxfree lol?
    Great look, love the flare pants! It
    really makes your legs super tall!


  22. I love traveling in airports too! Great outfit, those jeans make your legs look so long. And I think Hawaii sounds like a great idea!


  23. Love this simple white peplum on you. So pretty!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  24. Absolutely LOVE those amazing jeans!!! xo

  25. such a cute outfit!! and love your necklace


  26. AAAh Joyce!! How cute are those jeans? I just really love the shape of them! I wouldn't usually consider wearing jeans but those... those would change things, definitely. And I love your peplum top, too! You are full of flare and flair today, ehehe~ :D

    Oooh, I hope you figure out where you want to go! I have no idea where to suggest. I've always wanted to go somewhere like Dublin or somewhere in Scotland hahaha. That's definitely a little out of the way though...

  27. You look so cute in flared jeans! They're such a hard look pull off, but the look fantastic on you! And that necklace that Elly gave you is stunning.

  28. That top is so beautiful on you, it really flatters your figure!

    Hope you figure out where you want to go on holiday.

    Corinne x

  29. Also adore to see you on this kind of outfit! Lovely!


  30. those jeans are so cute on you! and i love that necklace!

  31. I really love that necklace! And in my mind, Hawaii > East Coast. As a Canadian from the Eastern Seaboard, sure, there are pretty lights and lotsa shopping, but I don't think that compares to Hawaii's gorgeous culture and landscape!


  32. So cute girly!! Love the peplum top with flared jeans...I've not seen them styled together by anyone else but they really work. So chic!


  33. this look is simple, byt fantastic. love the chic basics feel to it. and i wish i had some suggestions but i dont really know much about those areas (far away from New Zealand and im too poor to go travelling so avoid looking to spare my feelings). sounds like youve got lots of suggestions already though!

    - Tara x


  34. This is gorgeous, love the 70's vibe but with a more refined and sophisticated approach. I hear ya about traveling, I could spend the rest of my ife on a plane, hoping from country to country and be a happy chappy! If you don't do Hawaii I guess NYC, I know you'd love it!


  35. Wow! That top is stunning and I LOOOVE that necklace! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  36. omg i love love love this look!!! such a chic look :D and your necklace is gorgeous :)


  37. I love your jeans! It's definitely a cool pair =D
    Travelling is a must. You get to learn a lot when you travel so I hope you're able to save up for more travels.

  38. I love it your top and your neckacle is really pretty and cute!
    You have nice legs sweetie!


  39. Ooh I just love this entire outfit!! That necklace is so pretty and I love the peplum and flared jeans together. I feel the same way about traveling-- I love it! You should def. come to NYC if you haven't been yet!

  40. You look waaaaaaaaaaaay taller with this outfit. I think it's the flare jean. They totally fit you perfect!

  41. Okay I cannot believe these pants are from Forever 21 - I LOVE them! I also adore the top<3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  42. You look so sophisticated here! Love the peplum top and you have legs for miles in those jeans!
    xo Annie

  43. Beautiful outfit, the peplum top is lovely & the necklace is beautiful! I love airports too :)

  44. you look so amazing, necklace is so pretty :)

    ANECIA WAS HERE- more than passion ♥
    blog | facebook | twitter

  45. i am soo happy to be reading your blog post! ive missed them!! and seriously you
    just made me want to take my bellbottom jeans out of my closet and wear them!! i LOVE this outfit! you look
    amazing like always!! (:


  46. Yes yes yes I LOVE it that you and Elly are friends. You two are insanely fabulous, and that means you live in NorCal too (I did a little creeping on Elly...and she told me). I would have never thought to pair peplum + flared jeans, but it totally works! As for your travel Q, I'm a little partial to Nashville because that's where I've been for the past 4 years. Really fun city though, especially if you've never been to the South!

    perfectly priya


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