outfit with stripe skirt
(This is a submission to the heartifb project#95: show us your stripes)

I just started making a list of fun things I want to do over the summer since school is almost over (3 more weeks!) Hmmmm what else should I add? 

-watch Iron Man 3, Great Gatsby, Thor 2, Breakfast at Tiffany's
-go to the beach in SF
-sit in a cafe and read books (I STILL need to read Divergent and I have to hurry before the movie comes out haha)
-maybe a new blog design (I am trying so hard to stop myself from making a new one like every week. It's just so fun!)

What are you planning on doing over the summer? :)

skirt:c/o eshakti //blazer:banana republic//top:forever21//shoes:steve madden
preppy style outfit
cute preppy outfit
outfit with wedges
cute nautical oufit


  1. Aw Joyce, we would be such good friends over the summertime if we lived nearby--those all sound like fun things to do, especially reading in cafes. I've finally been able to read on my own this summer and it's lovely. I hope your three weeks of school fly by fast so you can do all the things on your list!

    I just love your stripe-y skirt. I think it's kind of amazing how you paired black and navy together like that and still manage to look so put together. You're always impressive!! :)

  2. Sounds like a relaxing summer!!! Love the skirt.

  3. I am definitely loving your skirt! I love eShakti so much! Their clothing are made so well! Also I love your shoes with the skirt and your smile always makes me happy! Have a lovely night. xx Pip



  4. Hahaa, you've convinced me that this skirt is the bomb. It's just so pretty with the striped and the shape, I love seeing all of the different ways that you've styled it so far. (I really like this silhouette with the blazer and the full skirt, it's very polished.) And eek, I squel every time I see you wear these shoes, I love them so much! I love how they look like paint splatters from a distance and then can see that they're flowers close up.

    Have fun watching all of those movies, ugh, I'm so behind on everything right now. so many shows, books and movies to catch up on.

  5. LOVE your skirt Joyce, and how you paired it with the blazer is just stunning! All your movies sound amazing, I want to see the Great Gatsby too-it looks great!:) Xx

  6. You are so good at blog layouts!! :)

    And I LOVEEEE your skirt and shoes! Way to mix prints!


  7. Sit in a cafe and read books is also on my summer list, but girl with outfit, you should be partying in a Yacht on a Greek island or something. Just gorgeous and so glam!


  8. sounds like your gonna have a fun and relaxing summer! love the look!

    Delightful Ideas

  9. Looking cute and the wedges so bling2 ( ื▿ ืʃƪ)

  10. Joyce! You know me and my nautical craziness...I just love it so much! This whole look is adorable! Yay for summer break:))!

  11. Okay, so I'm trying to save my money, but I keep wanting to fill out that form and have you give my blog a complete redo. Haha, maybe after I've moved out and gotten my financial account back in order...either way, I've loved your blog redesigns you've been doing on so many other blogs! :)
    So this outfit...yes, of course I love it! Those wedges are always so cool. The splatter print is awesome. Also, I definitely need to make a summer list! Iron Man 3 was soooo good. You need to check it out!

    Trendy Teal

  12. wow I just can't stop loving those shoes! every time I see them I'm just WOW!!! and what a great addition they make to your otherwise neutral outfit. nice pairing indeed! ;)
    when it comes to summer.. or actually my first vacation this year from 13.06 till 30.06 I have no idea yet. I would love to know and have plans and everything but the reality is different. should start working on it though :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  13. Very cute outfit, love the those shoes!
    And I like your fun plans c: I really
    want to see The Great Gatsby. Its a
    shame that I haven't watched any Iron
    Man before.....


  14. The skirt is so adorable!
    It looks great with the blazer and you still keep it fun with the cool wedges :)

  15. Love the outfit, the shoes are so cute ♥ Omg, two schoolweeks and one schoolday and then...summer!! ♥

  16. LOVE that skirt! It's on my summer wishlist :)


  17. That skirt is so adorable on you! I need to make a list of things I want to do this summer too :)

    The Tiny Heart
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  18. So cute Joyce! I love ths skirt and how your paired it with a blazer and those fun shoes.

  19. Hey,
    great pictures and beautiful outfit. I love your shoes most.


  20. I love your striped skirt so much! Also, your list of plans over the summer sound really fun. I'm hoping to visit a friend on a little weekend trip and I may also be going abroad with my family!

    star-crossed smile

  21. Love that skirt paired with those wedges! Such a super cool preppy look. Also loving your plans for the summer, I'm dying to see Gatsby myself!


  22. I love how you styled that skirt! Gorgeous shoes too.


  23. What a pretty skirt, Joyce! And your sandals are super cute, too. I envy you your summer vacation, it's been a long time since I really had one - enjoy all of the long, lazy days :)

  24. Navy is always a classic! You look so pretty!


  25. I LOVE this! I probably like that skirt a little too much! Haha I just need to buy one already... Love the navy blazer with it, it's perfectly nautical.
    Yay for Summer! I like your list so far, other than I never have the attention span to sit and read. I need to see all those same movies and I wish I lived closer to a beach! I'd be there every day!!

  26. I love these big bold stripes! I have so many stripes in my closet.... but still want more.

    7% Solution​

  27. I'm in winter so my plan is to go under 100 blankets and drink tea all weekend.

  28. This is adorable! Oh my goodness, I love love love this skirt paired with those adorable shoes!! Goodness, Joyce, I want your closet!

    I plan on seeing Iron Man 3 and The Great Gatsby, too! I just finished reading Gatsby for the first time ever and loveddd it. Divergent is another amazing series...I could not put them down and can't wait for the 3rd!

    My plans include reading A Game of Thrones and hopefully a few others in the series. They are HUGE books though!

    xo Ashley

  29. Divergent's going to be a movie?!? I read it last year and loved it - but I had no idea it was going to be made into a film. You should totally get on reading that book so you can be overly critical of all the things the movie left out :) Or is it just me who does that?
    Anyway, your stripes look adorable! I love that skirt to bits!
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  30. I like your skirt! You definitely matched everything so well. That pair of wedges is just awesome! From far, it looks like that wedges has been covered with lots of colorful sprinkles =D
    You should totally watch Iron Man! =)

  31. What a lovely outfit! I love the skirt and those shoes are amazing.


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